Opportunities and resources to help life science and digital companies

OneLife is a member driven organization providing unmatched opportunities and resources to help life science and digital companies and their employees fulfill their business goals and improve life through advancements in health. OneLife offers member companies meaningful access to the influential drivers propelling the industry forward across all major life science and digital technologies sectors, including biotechnology, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, medical device, digital health, precision medicine and industrial biotechnology.

Basic Membership


Industry Members:

Any for-profit company, including but not limited to those involved in the development of therapeutic drugs, vaccines, diagnostic assays and industrial biotechnology products. Medical device, digital health and CRO/CMO companies also fall under this category.


Service Providers:

Companies that are not directly involved in commercial biotechnology but share an interest in the industry's future. They provide a service to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and digital industry and includes but is not limited to law firms, banks, laboratory equipment suppliers, consulting firms, or IT services.


Non-Profit Organization| Academia | Government:

Universities, hospitals, research institutions, government agencies and any other non-profit organizations.


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Premium Membership


We offer our premium members offices, conference & show rooms with maximum exposure opportunities and access to exclusive events in the life science community. Some premium benefits include:

Invitation to attend exclusive CEO & CFO biannual breakfast events.

Company logo viewed in OneLife lobby.

Direct access to 5,000 people through a targeted email blast.

Company news briefs and event announcements sent annually.

Premier marketing exposure through international events.


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Elite Membership


We offer our elite members all benefits from our premium membership and access to a lab fully-equiped.

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