ON[e]Life HACKATHON.01 at the Innov'InMed Conferences

ON[e]Life HACKATHON.01 at the Innov'InMed Conferences

  Venue : Parc Chant, Marseille

For Innov'inMED, ON[e]Life organises “Making Sense For Health BigData” a unique event for Artificial Intelligence in Life Science. This event includes a Hackathon and a Symposium.

The challenge is to create an app, a platform and/or a technology complying with public health needs, using big datasets through a dedicated platform. The objective is to build innovative solutions that improve our daily health combining life sciences and digital technologies, and artificial intelligence, in particular.

To this purpose, ON[e]Life will provide datasets related to health, environment and food. 

Do you have ideas to improve our life, our daily care delivery or health research? Do you have skills to create intelligent and innovative solutions to support healthcare professionals, physicians, clinicians, or researchers ?

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