About us

On[e]Life is a multi-expertise platform dedicated to biotechs and AI startups located in Marseille

Our mission is to apply interdisciplinary expertise to shorten the R&D time for innovative products with optimal solutions, and lead them to market.

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We aim to bridge life science, primarily oncology and rare diseases, and digital technologies and develop an excellence-based center for biotechs and eHealth. Since On[e]Life is an interdisciplinary area of research, we truly believe that diverse scientific disciplines from clinicians to academy and industry research have to work in close proximity to digital technology leaders.

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We provide to your talent and creativity the scientific and technology competence, laboratories and test environments from prototyping, to licensing and patents along with operational resources and management, scientific and business advisors, investors, strategic partners. We also have strong national and international networks (academic and business).

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Based on a strong collaboration with all local expertise, we encourage open and collaborative innovations to deliver the highest commercial value of the start-ups’ ideas.

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OneLife is located at l'Estaque,Marseille, nearby theMarseille-Provence airportand the Aix-en Provence high-speed (TGV) train station.



70, chemin du Passet, 13016 Marseille 
GPS : Latitude = 46.44468 Longitude = 4.960724

From Aix en Provence : direction Marseille Vieux Port, exit 32 St Antoine Hôpital Nord

From l'aéroport de Marignane : exit 6 l'Estaque St André - St Henri

From Marseille by A55 (centre ville) : exit 6B St Antoine

From  Marseille by A7 : exit 32 St Antoine Hôpital Nord


Les Taxis Marseillais: 04 91 92 92 92
Station de Taxis Prado Saint-Giniez: 04 91 77 54 00



Bus 25, from tthe subway Bougainville, stop at St Antoine
Bus 36B, from the Parc Kalliste (Gare Estaque) jusqu'a Rabelais Picaron

TER Séon-St-Henry